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Meeting on March 25, 2000




The CPADO meeting was at Bill Mathewes’ lovely condo on March 25th, 2000. There were 10 of us there….Bill Mathewes, Rocky Somers, Mike Dorsey, Janet Noyes, Alan and Patty Porreca, Bill and Sally Mooney, and Phil and Arlyce Watson. We started the meeting a little after 2 p.m.

The agendas of the meeting were:

  1. CPADO website
  2. Camping in West Virginia on the weekend of September 9th through 11th
  3. Re-establishing the CPADO Bylaws
  4. CPADO Bylaws Committee


  1. CPADO website- Bill Mathewes stated that the website is expanding and the funding is diminishing, and it’s costing him $200.00 a year to keep it going. Any amount of donation would be welcome. The website has sparked a lot of interest in outreaching from all over the world! We have to keep it up to date to draw new members and readers who may need our input.
  2. Camping in West Virginia on the weekend of September 9th through 11th.- Kelly Madsen had searched for a suitable place for the CPAD people that is handicapped accessible. She finally found one in Davis, West Virginia!!! Kudos to Kelly for a job well done!!!! She said she reserved 2 cabins and it sleeps 12 people each cabin, and it will cost $55 each person. We voted , and everyone thought was a good idea, and it was passed. So far 22 people signed up for it, and only two more to go!
  3. Re-establishing the CPADO Bylaws- Last November, we voted to hold up the bylaws since we are a small group. Some of us didn’t want to be part of NAD (National Association of the Deaf) since we would not be independent. Phil Watson felt that the Bylaws are important to function this organization. He is on the Board of Directors in the MWDB association, and mentioned that it is an independent not-for-profit organization. We voted to have the by laws back, and some of us will be on the Committee.
  4. CPADO Bylaws Committee- There will be 4 members of the CPADO group who will be meeting each other to study and revise the bylaws. The members are Phil Watson, Janet Noyes, Mike Dorsey, and Sally Mooney. They will have their first meeting on April 2nd at Phil Watson’s home at 1p.m.

******There will be a meeting on April 29th at either Bill Mathewes’ or Sally Mooney’s home. Kelly Madsen will be in town that weekend, so it will be a good chance for her to keep us up to date with the camp.

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