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Captioned Media Program - FREE video-lending program funded by the Department of Education and administered by the National Association of the Deaf. We provide free-loan, open-captioned videos and other media to deaf and hard of hearing persons. More than 4,000 titles including classic movies, educational and special-interest videos are available. Itís free to register for the service and to check out videos. The services are also available to parents, teachers and others who work with individuals who have a hearing loss.

Cathedral Home for Children - a nonprofit residential treatment program for troubled/at-risk children, including deaf and hard-of-hearing children. We offer a wide-range of therapeutic programs, enrichment programs, and a year-round accredited school for these children. We have a national reputation, as we help children from all over the United States.

Professional Fit Clothing  - a much-needed service for people with disabilities by providing our fashions to those who are in state developmental centers, intermediate and residential care facilities, group homes, independent living programs, and individuals with special needs.

Real World Success - leading provider of custom professional development training programs and motivational seminars for the Deaf and the Hard of Hearing.

Cerebral Palsy and Children with Vision and Hearing Loss

Cerebral Palsy Resource Center

Deaf Net

Deafness and Cerebral Palsy

Deafness/Hard of Hearing

Deaf Resource Library

Healthopedia - CP

Healthopedia - Hearing Impairment

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